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The Swiss are generally regarded as shy and reserved. But the Escort Geneva you cannot claim this. Due to the high economic importance of the undertaking established there and organizations come very many foreigners in the city; therefore there is need for clientele of the escort agency. It should be noted: The need for escort is high in this city. For there comes many business people who are looking for support of business or women who like to visit a certain hotel.

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Escort Agency Geneva

The escorts, who work for an escort agency here, are also open to the world, such as their foreign guests. The women escort service is as diverse as the clientele. Openness in terms of ideology, religion, desire and intelligence is called with the ladies of the Escort just like just a perfect look and a stylish appearance. Whether the escort service has now been posted as Manager accompaniment or even a home visit is required, the escort ladies fit in any situation. Since Geneva is also fair site, therefore it is also found that the escort service to an offer for hostesses will be asked for a trade. Although these hostesses have to be in great cars that are presented in the Geneva Motor Show, making only a great figure, but are within the portfolio of the Escort Geneva also ready for more. It often happens that a single meeting with the Escort can grow even more. Anyone requesting a customer who can book with the escort agency also more than just a call girl or a hostess, namely a travel companion. Many business travelers who come to Geneva for a day, not infrequently in Switzerland or in a neighboring country of Switzerland, another business meeting. Also managers or corporate CEOs the Geneva-based company may be happy to accompany them in the evening to a business meal from a nice escort. The management support also includes a special highlight that a city guide can be done. A journey dating service is performed by the Escort in Geneva in advance. Those interested can call the escort agency, contact via mail and the Internet. Any requests, also for a holiday company, are answered individually. Because Geneva is considered by many foreign guests in Switzerland as a place where you can very well go on vacation. Who would not do that as a man alone who can book a lady from the escort service woman. This drive also like with the nearby ski resorts. In avail you to the escort agency anyway throughout the year. Due to its importance for the Swiss economy and the good location, a trip to Geneva is worthwhile in every season.

Escort service for managers

The escort service is all year round opened its doors quite far and holds ready an offer. Each call girl from the escort service has its own Sedcard. Therefore, even a pre-selection is possible. This Sedcard contains many details about the ladies who like to present themselves as management support or travel companion available and are likely to be there for every taste.

The city of Geneva

The Swiss city of Geneva is situated between a hilly terrain of the Jura and the peaks of the Alps, on the banks of the Rhone, leaving the Lake Geneva here. As the capital of peace is called Geneva frequently. The reason is that here is the European headquarters of the UN and the Red Cross. With around 201,000 inhabitants, Geneva is still quite small, but has a reputation as a cosmopolitan city with flair. This Geneva is but just the second largest city in Switzerland. Housed here are also many companies in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical research as well as more international companies from home and abroad. A financial center is also Geneva. A total 141 banks with main or branch offices are located in Geneva. Geneva is thus the sixth most important financial center in the world. Geneva You can also designate as watches City. There are around 70 companies from the watch manufacturer established in Geneva. The location of the town of little Switzerland as a financial center is of course ideal, because the city is located in the southwest corner of the French-speaking Switzerland. Surely once even in Switzerland with a foreign population of 25 percent, of which around 49 percent of the citizens of Geneva do not have the Swiss National. It is one of the Swiss cities with the highest proportion of foreigners in the country. Many of the inhabitants of Geneva are foreigners working for a Swiss branch of their employer. Most foreigners, only for a certain time in the city loneliness and the desire for attention, affection and even love are particularly great here for this reason. Therefore Escort in Geneva has very many orders. The four areas of Geneva, Cité, Plainpalais Eaux-Vives and Petit-Saconnex have all their peculiarities. These districts are then subdivided again into so-called neighborhood. Traffic default, all neighborhoods are very well connected, ensuring the public transport from Geneva within the city and the surrounding areas by the Transports Publics Genevois (TPG). This company operates the tram with its four lines and the traffic from the trolleybus Geneva with six lines. The inner-city traffic is also ensured by the passenger ship on Lake Geneva. These modes of transport are of course also used by Escort Geneva. The pivotal point of the passenger transport in and out of town is none other than Genève-Caravan railway station. The trains there are also connected to the European rail network. Geneva is also one of the loading stations for the car trains through the Alps. In Geneva Cintron suburb, the Geneva International Airport, the Switzerland’s second largest airport is located. About this travel a lot of customers to the Escort Geneva and received partly from the booked Escort already. In terms of traffic, there are unfortunately downers. Because due to the space available in the region and also by the steady growth of the city are often very congested all traffic routes. In particular displeasure that there resulting with business travelers: The escorts of the Escort in Geneva can do so safely appeasing in one way or another. Geneva as a city that is cosmopolitan yet traditional Swiss culture is just really worth seeing and experiencing.

The recommendations of the escort service from Geneva

The Top 5 hotels in Geneva;

In Geneva there are many hotel beds in the five-star category. Static seen here include approximately 2,100 hotel rooms to the luxury segment. These are of course the popular playground for the manager and the Escort, and to also visit the hotel. There are in the city about 14 hotels. Of course, large spa areas all have luxury hotels. There is enough room for the stubs with the escorts! Here are the top 5 luxury hotels:

The Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva is located in the heart of the lakeside of Lake Geneva. Old Town, the city center and the Botanical Gardens are within walking distance. Many of the suites and rooms have a direct view of Lake Geneva, while others are directed to the views of the City. The hotel rooms are equipped with high-quality equipment and move in the price range of about CHF 1,000 per night double occupancy upwards (depending on the category and season).

The Four Seasons Hotel des Bergues Geneva, held in the French style, offers a wide range of business service. The 115 rooms come in several categories. The price per room and night per category ranges between CHF 800 and 3,200 CHF.

You can relax in a luxury hotel with a family tradition in classical style and with star cuisine, the hotel Beau Rivage Geneva at the Geneva lakeside. The room rates ranging from 450 euros upwards. This hotel is thus one of the still somewhat affordable luxury hotels in the Swiss financial capital.

The President Wilson hotel with views of Mont Blanc from some rooms has several room categories. The most expensive costs 380 CHF per night the most expensive 680 CHF.

The Geneva luxury hotel Hôtel Les Armures, zentrumnah located in Old City, offers rooms for the price of 400 CHF up beds. The views of the old city are breathtaking from here.

Top 5 restaurants in Geneva

If you want to experience a nice day with an escort in Geneva, then they must also definitely visit one of the high class restaurants of this metropolis. The density of Michelin-star restaurants is especially high in the Metropole Geneva. The recommended top 5 here:

In a very quiet of Geneva on the left bank of the Rhone is the restaurant Le Neptüne in the Rue de la Coulouvrenière 38. The restaurant bills itself as a champion of alpine delights and serves only organic products. Lunch here costs around 38 CHF, a menu 97 CHF.

The Italian restaurant La Finestra in the Rue de la Cité 11, in the Old Town of Geneva has a South American chef since 2008 and offers delicious Italian cuisine. The price of a menu is between 75 and 89 CHF. The dishes on the menu are 88-118 CHF.

Le Rouge et le Blanc in the Quai des Bergues 27 has a large selection of wines and has on his menu is beef cutlet as a specialty. The restaurant itself conveys a cozy, informal atmosphere. Prices range 67-99 CHF on the map.

Chez Jacky in the Rue Necker 9 is a restaurant that aims to ensure that you feel comfortable in it. The whole restaurant is provided with verdure. There is also an aquarium in there. Traditional cuisine in a modern interpretation is one of the amazing experiences here.

Argentinian Angus beef or Japanese Kobe beef are very popular in the middle of Geneva. What you get in Minotor Steakhouse. Among the specialties of this restaurant but also includes lamb, – pork and bison dishes. Is cooked the meat in charcoal oven, right before their eyes, if you wish. Here you can order by à la carte and by weight. If you are meat lover, then the steak house in the Rue de Bois-Melly 3 is certainly for you the right address.

Top 5 High Class Bars

Especially with a good glass of wine or a cocktail to customer and escort usually come closer, which is a dream come true for most customers in this city of superlatives: Having a call girl at his side, while enjoying a nice evening. Top 5 High Class bars where you can get close to the Escort are listed here:

In the quarter Le Paquis where the Geneva nightlife is at home, you will find, among other things, the La Suite 115. In this cozy atmosphere you can use the escort to try one of 155 different wines and learn about their hobby and get closer. The wines are of ancient world.

The bar SENS also offers an exceptional atmosphere. After strenuous business can unmolested sipping from service with the escort lady a cocktail here every customer.

A popular bar among guests and locals in Geneva is also the Talkwine. Here is a cozy bar where you can get drinks not only, but also a variety of snacks. Also very good wine is served here.

Among the most beautiful bars in Geneva is certainly one of the L’Atelier Cocktail Club. There are wonderful cocktails, mixed – sometimes traditional, sometimes exceptional. About the talented and creative bartender on site you will surely be pleased.

In the Route d’Annecy 403 is the nightclub Macumba. This is a few kilometers from Geneva. Besides bars there is also equal to 6 discotheques, each with a different music style – electric on Latino on charts until 80th and radio. Wishes therefore do not remain open here. With your escort you can have a good time until the next morning, because the Macumba is open until 6am. Although a bit located outside, but part of this atmosphere to the top addresses for those who have booked a manager accompaniment.

The Top 5 Attractions Geneva

If you come as a boss of a company, as a manager or employee or private citizen to Geneva, you should not miss the sights of this Swiss metropolis despite the great leisure facilities on offer in any case. The escorts are adequately trained in order to perform well through the city. A local guide will then not have to take. The escort service trains its hostesses accordingly. You do this for example…

… The Jardin Anglais, the English landscape garden. This invites for romantic walks. This park with its winding paths, the woods, the rotundas and large lawns and groups of trees and a large fountain also has a bandstand, take place in the many evenings in summer concerts.

Other attractions of Geneva, which also are also romantic, include the St. Peter Cathedral. The three-nave pillar basilica, whose oldest areas of the 12th century come, can also be visited.

If you should be more secular oriented, you will certainly lead the escort also at appropriate places. As the Palais des Nations, the headquarters of the High Commissioners of UNHCHR and the UN. Surely it is to stand for you before imposing any of the main building of the United Nations.

Worth a visit is in Geneva certainly the birthplace of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. This is considered an important forerunner of the French Revolution. He is also a supporters and the leading figure of the call “back to nature”.

If you want to convert on their trip to Geneva rather in the footsteps of Jean Calvin, you should together with their escort visit the Collège Calvin. To date, there is a pure boy Internet. Among the most famous students include Henry Dunant and Gustave Moynier, both co-founders of the International Committee of the Red Cross and Friedrich Glauser, one of Switzerland’s most famous writers of modern times.

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